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picfest’s flagship event for treble choirs


an unmatched


picfest is a place to gather for inspiration, performance, community building, and collaboration. With all hearts pointed in the same direction, we dare to imagine what we can accomplish together.


Susan Brumfield
and Gary Packwood

Bringing together two leading voices in the choral community of the United States, picfest introduces this dynamic conducting team: Susan Brumfield and Gary Packwood! Together, they will lead our next Treble Festival Chorus at Turn the Music Up!


Artistry & Musicianship

Let’s be honest - great outcomes don’t just happen. The picfest experience may just be the toughest week you’ll ever love. Challenging and diverse repertoire. An abundance of inspiring rehearsal time. Numerous performance opportunities. And of course, plenty of time for recreation, kicking back and enjoying the company of some real cool people. The result? Musical epiphanies, artistic mountain tops, and soul-stirring moments that you’ll remember the rest of your life.

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picfest Commissions Project

Imagine being royalty or an aristocrat in the distant past, commissioning some of the great composers of the time to create a new work for your own enjoyment and musical posterity. Then imagine a moat with alligators and snakes. On second thought, just imagine the commissioning part. 

Actually - you don’t have to imagine. The picfest Commissions Project makes every chorus member a Singer Patron in commissioning AND singing the world premiere. To top it off, the Singer Patrons are recognized in the published score and by name on the web page dedicated to each project. This innovative model creates a unique connection between composer, performer and the world.

Destination PNW

Some people call picfest the gateway to the Great Pacific Northwest. We call it home, with stunning landscapes that rival some of the most beautiful tour settings anywhere. 


Within a 1-2 hour drive is the majestic Cascade Mountain range to the east, the rugged Oregon Coast to the west, the world-class Oregon Shakespeare Festival to the south and a menu of amazing cities, natural wonders and welcoming hospitality throughout the PNW. 

As a picfest choir on tour, PNW is your oyster - although clams tend to be the area’s mollusk of choice. Consider a day or two of exploring our geographic neighborhood before or after the festival week. (We’ve checked with the neighbors, and they’re waiting to hear from you!)

Plan your picfest

Taking a choir on tour across the ocean, the continent, or even the state can be a daunting task (unless you live in Rhode Island, in which case you can tour the entire state in an afternoon, and still have time for a pizza party before heading home.)  But back to the daunting task of touring - no matter what questions your itinerary raises, don’t worry. We’ve got answers.