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picfest's premiere festival for all-female choirs through age 18.

“Each picfest unleashes exceptional choral music, but also components of self-discovery, empowerment, and great joy in the creative process. I always leave inspired by the spirits of so many bright and competent young singers. In our rehearsals, we discover more of who we are as human beings and come to better understand what we can accomplish together.”

– Andrea Ramsey, Sisters in Song Music Director

Andrea Ramsey

Beloved by singers, choral conductors, and audiences alike, this dynamic composer/conductor is picfest's Sisters in Song Music Director!


Artistry & Musicianship

Let’s be honest - great outcomes don’t just happen. The picfest experience may just be the toughest week you’ll ever love. Challenging and diverse repertoire. An abundance of inspiring rehearsal time. Numerous performance opportunities. And of course, plenty of time for recreation, kicking back and enjoying the company of some real cool people. The result? Musical epiphanies, artistic mountain tops, and soul-stirring moments that you’ll remember the rest of your life.

picfest has established a standard of excellence in every aspect of festival performance. While aspiring to high artistic standards, it’s clear their philosophy uplifts the individual experience of the singer and their choirs.”

– Dr. Sandra Snow, picfest conductor