picfest Commissions Project

Commissioning top-tier composers is an expensive proposition. And so... we set out to create a new way of commissioning that connects the historic practice of arts patronage with more recent commissioning concepts. 

Here’s how it works: The cost for each singer’s festival participation includes a Singer Patron Fee of $25, which is assigned directly to the commission project. This makes each singer a partner in commissioning the very work for which they will be performing the world premiere. And that’s just the beginning, because the value of that $25 is multiplied over and over.

For starters – it attracts the lead gift of the Principal Patron. We found that these major donors were all the more excited about their involvement not only because they see the direct impact of their gifts on the lives of young artists, but also because they get to introduce these singers to the practice of supporting the arts.

This commissioning model also benefits the composer, whose connection with the performers is enriched. And the choirs, families, and friends of the Singer Patrons are all brought into close proximity to a renowned composer.

The tangible benefits of Singer-Patronage


Be identified as a co-commissioner 

  • In the published score 
  • In the printed program
  • On the new picfest Commissions Project webpage     

Engage with the composer

  • in the choir season leading up to picfest
  • in conversations and rehearsal with the composer/conductor during the festival 


  • a copy of the commissioned piece (a perfect place to collect the composer’s signature)
  •  the prestige of singing the world premiere (bragging rights galore)
  • a personalized certificate identifying the achievement as commissioner and performer (Suitable for framing, but wonderful for college, scholarships and showing off to your friends and family!)