Planning Your picfest

  • Getting to picfest

  • Lodging

  • Repertoire

  • Performances

Getting to picfest

By train, by plane, or by jetpack, there’s always a way to get to picfest. Although we discourage the use of elephant travel, we keep a mahout on retainer, just in case.

Go by Plane

Fly into Portland and explore the city of weird. Fly into Eugene and picfest will pick you up from the airport!


Take an unforgettable trip on the Coast Starlight or the Cascades. When you arrive at the historic 1908 Southern Pacific depot (Eugene station), picfest will be waiting to transport you to campus.


Book a charter bus and plan a scenic trip to picfest.

Covered Wagon (on the Oregon Trail)

By far the most environmentally conscious option, a covered wagon makes for a fun, vintage travel experience. While you’ll have to schedule upwards of a week for the expedition, and make sure to bring lots of antibiotics, by the time you reach picfest what remains of your party is sure to be full of the spirit of adventure!

and once you arrive at picfest...


When you come to picfest, you don’t have to worry about booking a hotel. All choirs stay in a beautiful residence hall on the lush green campus of the University of Oregon. This means maximum time for socializing, a central location to unwind between rehearsals, and the chance to see the home of iconic Hayward Field, host of the 2021 track and field Olympic Trials, and in 2022 The World Athletic Championships




One of the pillars of artistic excellence upon which picfest is built is the standard of diverse, challenging, and fun repertoire programmed each season. For example, the most recent Lift Every Voice repertoire list featured a piece by Simon Garfunkle, a setting of the Lux Aeterna text, a very intriguing TB set about safety, and our first picfest Commissions Project work: Lightwaves by Bob Chilcott (pictured left)!


At picfest there are many opportunities to perform:

Destination PNW

Some people call picfest the gateway to the Great Pacific Northwest. We call it home, with stunning landscapes that rival some of the most beautiful tour settings anywhere. 


Within a 1-2 hour drive is the majestic Cascade Mountain range to the east, the rugged Oregon Coast to the west, the world-class Oregon Shakespeare Festival to the south and a menu of amazing cities, natural wonders and welcoming hospitality throughout the PNW. 

As a picfest choir on tour, PNW is your oyster - although clams tend to be the area’s mollusk of choice. Consider a day or two of exploring our geographic neighborhood before or after the festival week. (We’ve checked with the neighbors, and they’re waiting to hear from you!)

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