Lightwaves by Bob Chilcott

2018: Project Imagined

2019: Lightwaves Commissioned for 2020

2020: ...yeah. Thanks, COVID.

2021: Lightwaves Goes to Press

and finally...

Premiered at Lift Every Voice 2022! 🎉

picfest: an unmatched



picfest is a place to gather for inspiration, performance, community building, collaboration and a realization of what we dare to imagine we can accomplish together. With all hearts pointed in the same direction: toward the music.

Honestly, having a favorite moment of picfest is really hard. I loved every waking minute of it.” EVHC singer


"We had such an amazing week. Everything about it was conducive to 'creating' at a very high level." – 2017 conductor

picfest was transformative for my singers. The confidence they gained in themselves and the connections made between singers was remarkable.... Their joy is contagious!” –  Megan Purdue, EVHC Conductor

“Over the week I became an undeniably better singer... my voice and confidence about my voice grew stronger.” 2018 participant


“My kids adored the picfest experience.“ picfest parent

picfest was where I first fell in love with Eugene and the University of Oregon and now I live in Eugene and work at the University!” past participant

"What an amazing festival. I have been singing its praises to everyone I meet." – 2016 participant


"What an AMAZING experience this has been for our singers!! #Grateful" – 2018 participant

picfest in 196 seconds

People are saying nobody wants to watch a 10-minute video introduction to anything. No problem! This quick trip to picfest takes less time to cook than fresh pasta.

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picfest blimp