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Bob Chilcott

Composer / conductor Bob Chilcott is coming back to picfest for the seventh time. You might ask “Why do they keep inviting him back?”  Well, since you asked, the fact is that everyone who has the pleasure of working with him talks about his captivating compositions, charismatic conducting, and his joyful collaboration that inspires extraordinary artistry. Being an amazing musician is one thing, but put that together with big-hearted generosity, a passion for the way choral music impacts the singers, and BAM! You’ve got Choral Magic™

Then there’s also his encyclopedic knowledge of haircare products and Medieval morality tales. In fact, he’s like the Pied Piper of choral music, but without all the rats. 

Artistry & Musicianship

Let’s be honest - great outcomes don’t just happen. The picfest experience may just be the toughest week you’ll ever love. Challenging and diverse repertoire. An abundance of inspiring rehearsal time. Numerous performance opportunities. And of course, plenty of time for recreation, kicking back and enjoying the company of some real cool people. The result? Musical epiphanies, artistic mountain tops, and soul-stirring moments that you’ll remember the rest of your life.

picfest is a premium choir festival. The music is exciting, the schedule is rich with opportunities for artistic growth and building friendships, and Eugene is a lovely setting. Bravo!” – Bob Chilcott, Lift Every Voice Music Director