TRUE COLORS – Boys & Young Men’s Choral Festival Reviews

Festival Participants

Our boys are having a great time— beautiful weather, a beautiful campus and…singing!

One singer who started in our choir wasn’t too sure about this whole singing thing… so to see him completely captivated, engaged, singing in a small group and having the time of his life, was the best thing in the world.

These young men sang their hearts out at the Sharing Our Songs Concert!

The choir had another full day of rehearsals and fun. Word is that they are dominating the ping-pong table.

Congratulations, Gentlemen! It was a stirring evening of tremendous performances by four outstanding male choirs!

As a musician…it amazed me to hear all these different choirs come together and sing as one, and blend their sound. I can’t say enough about Fernando Malvar-Ruiz and his teaching.

Our singers continue to “sing” the praises of conductor Fernando Malvar-Ruiz for his masterful work with them.

Great music was made and most definitely new friendships began, not only by the singers but we directors as well!

picfest will resound in our hearts and minds [for] a long, long time!

Guest Conductor – Fernando Malvar-Ruiz

Just like that, picfest 2017 – True Colors is over. It ended with a truly spectacular concert. Boys and men of many different vocal, skin, hair, eye and, yes, uniform colors, came together to become one. E pluribus unum. There is indeed hope for this country, for the world. Not enough can be said about these choristers’ leaders and mentors. Their work is as beautiful and inspiring as it is essential. I’m so grateful for the leadership, support and friendship in this venture. Yes, with people like this there’s hope.